How to prepare the CILS Exam

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If you want to be able to speak and understand Italian, taking a CILS exam is a good idea. The Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera, CILS) is designed to be a test of how well you know the Italian language. The best thing about the CILS Italian exam is that it’s recognized internationally, so it’s a useful qualification to have.

Why preparing for the CILS exam is essential

CILS Italian language exams are available at six different levels, across four stages; beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Each level tests your competency in the Italian language , including listening, writing and comprehension. The test gets harder depending on what level it’s at. No matter which level of CIS Italian exam you are studying for, you need all of the great preparation you can get.

Our CILS preparatory courses are designed to ensure that you are completely ready to take the exam. This means that you are likely to achieve the good results that you want.

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