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Italian Placement Test: Test your Italian language level

As one of the most important language in Europe, there are many reasons why you may want to learn Italian.

You are probably going to live in Italy, travel frequently for business purposes, or going there for higher studies. However, before deciding which Italian learning courses or training you need, it’s better to take an Italian placement test.

Italian language placement test

There are a variety of language placement test that you can use to test your Italian. By doing so, you would have a proven idea of how much of the language you already know and how you should proceed for further learning. Among the various ways, nothing can beat the convenience of a free Italian placement test online.

Test Your Italian Online

By signing up for the online Italian language test with a few clicks, you can easily test your Italian language level from the convenience of your home. It’s free, offers two difficulty levels – elementary and intermediate, and consists of 40 quiz questions.


Italian Placement Test, learn italian language

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