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Learn Italian at work – courses for pharmaceutical companies.

The workplace is one of the headquarters for the development of the individual personality. Italian legal system protects the dignity of the individual known as law 300:1970 (The Workers’ Statute). It is an important aspect that the CCNL provides is the right of education. Specifically, the collective labour agreement given by the pharmaceutical sector provides in the section 4 “the individual education making explicit reference to literacy for foreign workers”

Specifically, this clause refers to the right of education and the possibility to use paid permissions in case of absences due to frequency. The literacy for foreign workers can also occur into the workplace. There are many companies to improve productivity and the social integration of its workers ask to language schools to have an expert advice.  Studying Italian language as second language in the workplace, specifically in pharmaceutical companies, has to improve and help foreign workers during their period.

Learn Italian as second language for the pharmaceutical industry are essential to reach the expected results in terms of learning and self-esteem of employees. Companies are looking for languages expert to help their workers improving Italian in the workplace.

SpazioLingua is in Milan – Via Giosuè Carducci, in years this Languages school works in the area of education and literacy teaching for foreigners in Italy.

Business classes are very important for SpazioLingua, and they are the core business for this school. Many of these companies ask to SpazioLingua to organize their language course in:

  • Workplace
  • Offices
  • Educational Class for foreign workers
  • School

SpazioLingua’s employers are at your complete disposal to provide preliminary information necessary for the Organization of the course and to give a custom estimate.


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