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Are you a foreigner who has decided to study or work in Italy?

Do you find hard learning Italian? At SpazioLingua you will learn Italian very quickly.

Our school is located right in the historic centre of Milan, in Via G. Carlucci 17, close to Milan Cathedral. Our school is easily reachable by public transport, including the subway.

We use 2 kinds of test in order to assess your level of Italian. The first one can be completed online on our website, and the second is a placement test administered at the school in Milan.

After a careful assessment, a team of teachers will identify the right course for you on the basis of your personal needs.

Hospitality and cordiality are our starting points, and our aim is the integration of  foreigners into the world of work.  

At the end of the course we release a certificate of attendance or we provide a level certificate.

The school offers a wide range of language courses: group, individual, evening and business courses.

The professional capacity of our teachers enables students to master the Italian language in a relatively short time. It’s essential to follow high quality programs with an effective teaching method and designed for small groups of up to 8 people.

Learning about Italian culture is an integral part of our study courses. We provide a variety of books and teaching material  for free to aid our students’ progress towards language proficiency.

What are you waiting for?
Call us:  02.89096795

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