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Brexit effect: what does it mean for the UK’s students?

UK has decided to exit from the European Union with the vote of 23 June: after 40 years, the country along the road to the Brexit.

What are the repercussions for those people wich work, study outside UK?

For The Moment, from the point of view of the commercial relations, Political and Economic between UK and Europe Union is not going to change anything. It will remain in vigor the current treaties, with the exception that Uk will not participate more in the decision of Europe.

The real question is “When we will see these changes?

The path is complex and long, because the effective abandonment from EU will be following the 50 article of the Lisbon treay.

The European Council will have to vote a majority proposal between EU and UK. The agreement then will pass to the European Parliament, and it will have to be ratified also from other country.

Finally, it will have to be approved by the outgoing Country that will have the chance to accept or reject the proposal.

To summarize up, as long as the UK and EU will not discuss again, we will not know what effectly change.

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