Full immersion language course: What is it?

We often hear talking about Full Immersion Language Courses. What is it? Learning a new language with this full immersion method means knowing the foreign culture learning. It helps you to know behaviors and sayings.

How to reach this goal!

Reaching this goal is associated to the understanding and these two fundamental concepts: coercion and exposure.

Even though these concepts could be arduous, actually these features are very simple and necessary to learn a new language.

Let’s try to understand how it works

If people go abroad and speak always the same language, they will never apply the coercion and exposure concepts

The right approach to learn a foreign language is:

  • Attend local people so you must speak with them in their language
  • Speak at least eight hours per day
  • Avoid the company of fellow citizens.

These methods help you learning a new language with fun!

This is SpazioLingua’s goal, and for this reason, we promote this Full Immersion Language Course with many students coming from everywhere!

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