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Italian courses in presence and online are back!!!

We have finally restarted our Italian courses in presence. Some of you already participate, and we are very happy, we are waiting for all the others, Spaziolingua is always with you.

This time, together with books and notebooks, we have also put in some new habits to keep everyone safe.

We are really happy with your trust, which encourages us every day to give our best in our Italian courses, so that each of you can safely focus on learning goals through the different Italian courses we offer you, in presence and online.

The health of our students and staff is our priority and we are following the lines indicated in the Government and local authorities regulations to ensure that our Italian language school is as safe as possible every day.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times, now you can safely attend all our Italian language courses.

The Advanced Italian course, the A2 course and the B2 course are in the morning, the A1 course in the afternoon, and the A2 course in the evening in online mode, always respecting the hygienic rules and timetables for returning home. In addition, we are about to start many new Italian courses in presence and online. Even for those who prefer individual lessons with a teacher dedicated to their needs and timing there is no problem, both online and in presence!  

Your smile behind the mask, for us at Spaziolingua, is always fantastic.

Here is how we are organized for our Italian courses in presence:

Hand sanitizers

You will find hand gels at the entrance, and also in our classrooms. We invite you to wash your hands regularly and use hand gel when attending your lessons.

Use of masks

The use of masks for teachers and students will comply with the provisions of the competent authorities during all Spaziolingua Italian courses and during individual lessons.

Physical distancing

  • We will speak very well looking at each other, with a distance of at least 1 meter from each other, we invite you to keep it always in the classroom and in general within our language school.
  • We know you all want to go back to class, but we limit the number of students in each Italian class according to its size. This is really necessary and we are sure you understand it.
  • As you can see the desks and other furniture in our classrooms have been arranged to maximize interpersonal distancing and therefore the safety of all of us.
  • We are discreet, but we monitor the flow of students before and after Italian lessons as well as during breaks.

The breaks, as well as the entrances and exits, are already checked.

  • The signs inside our Italian language school have been carefully positioned at transit points to help you keep a safe distance at all times.

Increased ventilation and cleaning: 5 minutes of fresh air are essential. Your language class is ventilated during breaks, as you are already used to seeing.

All classrooms of our Italian language school are disinfected daily.

Toilets, sinks, door handles and other surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

You may have also seen us spraying sanitizer everywhere!

Write us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be always updated on Spaziolingua courses, levels and initiatives, or you can write us at info@spaziolingua.it or call us: 0289096795

We continue to study together and focus on your becoming ‘Italian’.

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