Our students are constantly accompanied, from the beginning to the end of their successful path.

To evaluate your level of expertise you have two possibilities:
1. an ONLINE TEST that you can access anytime, anywhere
2. a placement TEST at school

Both tests will be evaluated by teachers who will take into account your needs and your requirements, to direct you to the course that’s right for you and to help you achieve proficiency.
The courses represent a moment of discovery and growth and they are built around your needs. We realize that communicating in general is a priority for your everyday life, so we will help you achieve this by coaching you with textbooks, modern and practical, but also with authentic and engaging material.
We use cutting-edge technologies in order to put people in direct contact with the current Italian reality, making use of all channels of perception to enable the mastery of a foreign language.
At the end of each course you will receive an assessment that will help you understand your progress.
If you are interested in a formal assessment it is possible to do a final TEST.


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