Placement test to define your level

Entrance tests are a valid tool to define the level of a student who declares himself not a beginner and lead him to the best Italian course for him.

We generally make an appointment with the student interested in participating in an Italian course for foreigners and administer our entrance tests after a short oral exchange to understand if the person is tending to be a level A (elementary) or B (intermediate) and then define in detail his language skills and his teaching needs through the test. In this way we can recommend the best Italian online course for foreigners.

It is possible to carry out the entrance test also online, on the Skype platform, mainly investigating the skills of oral production. Thanks to the entrance tests we can certainly identify the right class for the student, the educational path that will best stimulate him to improve the language and the best Italian lessons.

After the student has attended his or her Italian course of beginner, elementary or intermediate level at our Italian school for foreigners, he can request the level test.

The level test verifies all four language skills and helps to certify the student’s level after the attendance of his Italian course in Milan.

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