We are back online! Do you like it? Or not?

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The online teaching tool for Italian courses has become fundamental in the period of the pandemic, as it allows us to continue our Italian language training at every level, despite the impossibility to follow Italian lessons in class physically.

We see pros and cons for online Italian courses:

– Advantages

The advantages of Italian distance learning courses are many. First of all, they allow teachers and students to dedicate themselves to study from wherever they wish, without the need to move from their homes, thus saving time and facilitating the organization of the various activities of each one.

In this unexpected historical moment in which we all have to stay at home, it is not necessary to interrupt the study of Italian, distance learning is an antidote to staying still and so we can continue to see each other and take Italian lessons together.

With the technological means in fact, schools can continue to provide Italian courses without interrupting the educational path through live lessons with normal teachers.

But our goal goes beyond the educational aspect. In a situation like this, in fact, Italian courses are a beautiful resource for our time and also give a sense of belonging and connection with the Italian class and fellow students.

Moreover, with the various video conferencing programs, we create a sort of “virtual class” and we continue the Italian lessons in the almost normal way. We could also connect an infinite number of students to the Italian course…but don’t worry! The Italian courses of our language school will always be with a limited number of students to maximize the study of Italian for each of you, Spaziolingua is very attentive to the aspect of the personal relationship with each student.

Even if it is not like being in our real Italian class and sharing in the presence of laughter and fun is always better than the total absence of contacts and development of knowledge of Italian.

– Disadvantages

In online courses there are also limits. First of all the Italian lesson through technology decreases the dimension of interaction and empathy between the people who participate.

Sometimes we feel the lack of important elements that animate the normal Italian course: first of all human contact and direct communication, made not only of words and listening but also of gestures, expressions and facets that are very useful in the process of learning Italian, listening and understanding the contents.

In the social field it is evident that cancelling interpersonal contact inevitably lowers the level of communication, cultural exchange and emotional relationship between people.

Moreover, sometimes the use of media is a bit ‘complex and may not be very functional if not well used, or may not work well from a technical point of view.

What do you think? how do you feel about online courses? do you like being at home? or do you miss Spaziolingua? We hope to embrace you soon but for now we study Italian through the webcam!

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